Recruitment & Training
NLogic provides quaility management services in Recruitment & Training. NLogic's diverse industry experience and qualifications, intimate hands-on knowledge of the roles and responsibilities within organisations and it's innovative processes and methods allow it to recruit and develop the best talent. Good people are key to the success of any business and NLogic has the experience and know how to maximise the opportunities to identify and secure this valuable resource.
Search, Evaluate & Recruit
NLogic's Integral Plus program is a 17 step system which thoroughly evaluates all aspects of the complex best fit matrix.
Coaching & Mentoring
NLogic's IntrAcc program accelerates and continues to improve the individual(s) productivity and overall performance and vastly improves the business's chances of retaining a valuable resource as a long tenure employee. NLogic mentors/coaches are qualified in Certificate IV Training & Assessment (TAE40110).

IntrAcc Mentoring-Coaching Program

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Customised Training
NLogic provides customised training to suit the individual(s) and their area of responsibility. We do not use a "one size fits all" approach as no two businesses or industries are alike. It's very important that training impact is maximised by ensuring that the training is closely linked to the skill level of the individual(s) and to the specific product/service, culture and vision of the business. Trainers are qualified in Certificate IV Training & Assessment (TAE40110).