Quotes & Quips
The smallest detail can wreck the greatest picture. Pay attention to the detail. 

Records are made to be broken. Not rules.

Truth Leads, Trust Follows.

Work hard in silence; let success make the noise..... Aristotle

In your success journey , don't forget respect.

Never assume there is only 1 way. But always assume there is a better way.

Attention to detail provides the confidence to skim over it.

We all have it. Find it, keep it. Confidence is key to success.

The act of giving is reward itself. Is that why training is such a satisfying endeavour?

Good management means good policies & procedures & their consistent application.

Actions always have consequences. Thought is absent.

Persist to kick down barriers when others might give up.

Tough times will test you. Welcome the challenge.

The intelligent brain says no to dumb temptations.

5Ps - Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Prepare for every event as an opportunity. Dams fill when it rains.

Trust and Integrity stand above all else.

The hardest nut is the easiest to crack when there is unconditional respect.

Every situation has opportunities. Be prepared, positive & patient. Success is the next step.

Presentation is the first step. Make it count.

Innovators find a solution. They know the answer is there. Persistence finds it.

Succeed or fail. Either way, it is the best way to learn.

Make creativity and innovative thinking a daily event. The lifeblood of the business.

Formula to success is known to all, only forgotten. Focus + persistence.

Trust. Best strategy for success. Simple! 

Respect is not earned, its given. Only then you deserve it.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will ...... Karim Seddiki

Patience. Marketing each day will get you there. Believe.

Innovation is the sustenance to a great business.

Every industry has "cowboys". Don't be part of the posse. Be professional, be a leader, be sustainable.

Keep progressing - big or small, your steps are getting you closer.

Keep the discipline. Marketing each day will sustain and grow your business.

Our intelligence cannot be disputed except by our actions.

Tell it as it is but do it with respect. Words do matter.

Good leaders don't totally let go. They have a handle across 2 levels of management.

Respect authentically given, is respect well earned.

Persistence wants to know what's on the other side of tough mountain.

Know the answer is there. Hang on. Don't let go!

Think weird to get logic.

Innovative flexible thinking. Make it routine every day. Tomorrow will thank you.

Leadership is authentic. There is no other kind.

Innovate today to secure tomorrow.

Every situation, Always learning, Many ideas.

Weird is the absence of popularism not correctness.

Analysis weakens it. Confrontation defeats it. Reflection questions the fear in the first instance.

Keep to true to your plan. Expect setbacks, believe success.

Be true. It requires the greatest courage.

Never give up on making a difference. Each word, action & gesture does count.

When the solution does not first appear, rest. Go again, fresh eyes will tease it out.

The critic bemoans the trudgery and lack of systems.

Provide great customer service and build trust. Solid foundations for a sustainable business.

Don't let a complex issue overwhelm. Methodically, calmly dis-assembly. At the end, its simple.

The problem with innovative thinking is that few do it. Make the time. Do it. It's your future!

Make innovation a daily habit.

Treat business innovation as you do food & water - without it, survival is not long term.

Be the best you can, be yourself. Opportunities abound.

Expect the unexpected especially when you believe in it.

Innovation is critical to a sustainable business.

Realise the thoughts, Courage will follow.

Keep in touch & expand your network. Be genuine. Be helpful. Fulfilment follows.

Consultants borrow your watch to tell you the time. Many CEOs don't have time to look at a watch. A good consultant helps you find the time.

Set the goal. Develop the plan. Diligently complete each step. Believe, be patient. The goal will come.

Make marketing an everyday action. Tomorrow will thank you.

Flexibility & trust are key to a sustainable business. 99 new long term trusted influential clients swamp the bad apple.

Interruptions, diversions, laziness, temptations are all signposts. Maintain the focus, stay on the highway.

When you think a situation is a time waster, instead look at it as a big opportunity. Change the frame & picture will come to life.

Plan, innovate, execute & measure diligently. Persistence & Patience. Lasting results will follow.

Innovation must be an everyday event. The formula to sustainable success.

True leaders value respect.

Approach every situation with an open mind and empty of any judgments.

Build your network, make many contacts and opportunities will present.

Dis-assembly anything complex, persist to simplify and success is guaranteed.

Don't let management project overload get you down. Seek help. 

No goal is too big or impossible. Set your plan, believe & begin. Each step, each blow gets you closer.

Belief and Persistence. And the rest will follow.

A key ingredient to success is to be able to keep going long enough to succeed. Joshua Gould

If your competitors "cheat" to win business, resist the temptation to follow. Be patient the rewards will come. Outlast your competitors.

Welcome uncomfortable. Your best friend.

Give unconditionally. It will return unexpectedly.

Patience and persistence are the enduring virtues of the strong.

An ultra busy employee does a repetitive task serving clients but he takes the time to make you feel unique. Great customer service.

Intuition is the hidden voice of forgotten experiences. Use it.

If u can run, run. If u can walk, walk. If u can crawl, then crawl. It's important that you progress.

The memory of a 1-off problem will always be outlived by the trust of ever-present support. Many businesses forget this basic principle.

Talk hurts if actions do not follow.

Trust and Excellent Customer Service are remembered long after the initial problem.

Trust. The hidden secret to a enduring and successful business.

Turn a perceived negative into an real opportunity. Confidence, creative thinking & opportunities present - always!

True Story. Potential client tells an entrepreneur - I'll forget you after 1 visit. At least 3 before I remember you. Amen. 

When nervous, you're excited. When excited, there is energy. Then good things happen.

Limitless your business. Integrity and persistence will make sure of that.

Every situation has opportunities.

In the long run, openness and integrity underpins the sustainable future of a great business.

Overservice your client. The long term gain over compensates the short term pain.

Age is not a barrier. Perceptions, lack of persistence & creativity are the real barriers. Business needs experience. 

Ask questions from every angle. Persistence, Confidence & Creative Imagination will seduce open the answers.
When rationale doesn't stack up, go with your gut. The perfect blend of forgotten experiences with inner confidence. 
Know your objective and then focus on the steps that will get you there. It's always getting closer.
​Be creative sustainably. It sustains creativity. 
Look where you don't. Listen not hear. Think uncomfortable. Get innovative.
True innovators believe there is a solution to challenge. Persistence is a vital tool.
Be bold and the world of opportunities will follow you.
Many CEOs are too immersed in the daily issues of their business, they fail to find the time to avoid these issues.
Make all experiences good. The bad ones to teach us, the sad ones to pray and the great ones to confirm us.
Be genuine in all your dealings. It sits above all.
Reputation, good or bad, it always spreads. Make integrity, hard work and respect, core principles of your business. It always rewards.
Another day, another opportunity to make a difference.
Solutions & Improvements are everywhere for everything. It's a fact.
New Clients. Smart business works a short term "lose-win" plan to develop a long term "win-win" plan.
There is a time for planning and time for action. Know the difference.
Eliminate poor productivity, stress, anxiety. Apply 100% focus to the task at hand.
In our private & business lives Complexity rules. Simplify & be true. 
Sell honesty and trust delivers sustainable revenue.
Tough days, distractions happen, diversions everywhere. Focus and keep the fire burning. Make every day count.
Welcome different thoughts, beliefs, old & new customs. A new and tasty dish is made of many ingredients.
Recruit wisely tip: obtain 2nd opinion from work colleague in a non-interview situation such as a tour of factory.
Decrease your choices, increase your happiness. Simplification is sexy.
History proves impossible is possible.
Diversity to turbo boost innovation. Innovative. 
Neutralise your bad habits and fertilize your good habits. The fruits are sweeter!
Great customer service is a key ingredient to sustainably business success. 
Innovate. Each day, you must let the mind wander, free of any expectations, rules, chains or fences. Expect pleasant surprises.
A true innovator's toolbox will include a "to hell with it, lets do it differently" strategy. Commit, test & measure. Click 4/9/14
Reading. Physical versus Electronic? Electronic has far too many advantages but old habits die hard. Innovation does jolt us. Click 4/9/14
Luxury is exclusivity, difference, uniqueness, a reflection of the individual. Find this in your product or service & get ready for takeoff.
If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission. ~Anonymous 
Stubbornness is the term a recalcitrant uses against a person who has courage of their convictions.
The human condition defaults to known comfort & resists change. The skillful innovator explains & seeks the want to change.
Any transport system has a step x step procedure how to get from A to B. Walking, cycling, bus, train. Innovate - its all possible.
Reconnecting with dear friend not seen for years is like a simple idea to a problem. Always been there, just needs an open mind to find it.
"The more things change the more they stay the same". Change the bad, Stay the good.
No matter what self made or other obstacles are placed in front of you, just keep ploughing ahead. Don't let anything stop you.
When rationale is in conflict listen to the gut - your hidden expert.
Always look to create value, every day, in every step you take.
Compromise is a wonderful thing when it is a win-win. Otherwise its bullying.
Business world is convoluted in legal and onerous terms. Need to get to basics of simplicity and trust.
Each person, no matter culture, religion, age, sex, job or appearances, have their own set of issues. Do not envy. Listen, connect, help.
A quality wine requires precise steps, timing, conditions and skilled vignerons and vintners. Make your business a great red.
A good plan actioned is better than a perfect plan stalled.
Dreamer tries, fails, learns. Critic boasts success on knowing the reasons. At times, reward is inverse to the risk. Innovation is reward.
CEOs. Work-life balance must be a key objective of your business. Good processes will care for the team & business.Click 29/8/14
A business is excellent when the excellent CEO is no longer needed.
Plenty of good and bad days. Remember the good, learn from the bad. Tomorrow is another day to improve.
Your life's purpose in 5. Who am I? What I love to do? For Who? Why? The legacy? Click 28/8/14
Believe it can be done, it is real. Work hard and know it is true. Have patience, make that a deal. Reached your goal, never doubted you.
Renewable energy innovation using wind & sun. Enough to power 10 average homes. Good news story. Click 27/8/14
Why do we want to live & work in city CBDs? Like-minded attract? But does this miss the benefit of diversity,cost? Click 27/8/14
Spend time each day to sit quietly to innovate. This is where growth starts.
If CEOs could freeze time, their No 1 task would be to systemize the business. Then, no need to freeze, but time to live.
Good young keen employees do exist. Innovate to find, care, mentor and train. Succession planning is critical.Click 26/8/14
The important part of your Business Plan is the Action Plan. The critical verb is ACTION.
Another example of feedback helping achieve better results. Applies to all aspects of life. Click 25/8/14
In the flowchart of business, clients, potential clients, suppliers, acquaintances are all influencers. Respect all and make it positive.
Not matter how complicated and daunting, break a task into its pieces, systemise, confidently commit, and the brain will learn - quickly!
Sydney. No heating, temp of insulated building is 17 C. External temp is 20. Open windows, let warmer fresh air in - save $, help climate.
Lying Politicians, CEOs, Church, Mayors are labelled "leaders". Honesty is true leadership. Click  24/8/14
Many CEOs want to be seen as Indiana Jones risk-takers. Otherwise, seen as too afraid. Smart innovation is the way Click  24/8/14
More drivers are "creeping" across lanes. Power steer is great but less driver focus. GPS, no need to memorize roads. Is life too automated?
Today's whacky nonsense is tomorrow's brilliant innovation.
Old employers remember days when technical talent pool was huge. Now, the pool has shrunk dramatically and continues. Encourage & Innovate
Listen always. Focus on every word. All cultures, religions, young and old. A true connection is made. New things learnt.
Leaders are bold carefully, lead by example fearlessly. Leaders step forward.
Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach. - Aristotle
Key business goals: good plan, innovation, good systems, good people, actions, sustainabilty & social good. Sustainable growth follows.
Huge line waiting to go into bank this morning. What about online banking? Only shows there is still a massive opportunity online.
Complete tasks, small as they may be. And keep stepping forward to your goals. You may be stuck in heavy traffic, but you're moving forward
The sweetest peach on the tree is the most difficult to reach.
5% of top 500 CEO are women. Business, encourage more women for operational & technical roles, early. Many gains. Click 22/8/14
I'm a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn't have the heart to let him down. - Abraham Lincoln
Your team is key to the success of your business. Recruit wisely & hone your people management skills. 
Sales 101. Keep it real. Genuineness sells. Add value. Always put yourself in your clients' shoes. Click 21/8/14
Windpower. Mech, elect, civil, struct engineers coming together to produce clean power. A lot of great energy there! 
Also in Oz. HVAC & other tech fields have shortage of techs & sales. What to do? Make it cool! Uni, not only option. Click 21/8/14
We're now connected more than ever before but we consistently communicate less.
Cheating, deceit, bribery, narcissism - all anti leadership. Yet we identify & vote in as leaders. Good but sad read. Click ​20/8/14
Harder challenges give critics softer targets. Don't let the naysayers derail you.
Leaders communicate their experiences, beliefs, vision to emotionally connect, inspire, give real hope. Respect, motivation is the result. 
A great idea. Taking a known product and channelling to the market differently. Click 19/8/14

Ask each day if your actions are taking you closer to your goals. 
Always look out for future trends. Be flexible to adapt and be first. 19/8/14
The overloaded workforce. Whatever happened to a better work-life balance? NLogic can help. Click http://t.co/SbefLs2VFp 19/8/14
Secret of selling is trust. In a debate, lies may win you the prize. In selling, lies win long term failure. Build trust, life & business. 18/8/14
Good business enforce good work-life balance. It is a dead end road otherwise. 18/8/14
Understand the passion, purpose and "why" of what your business does. This is the true connection with your true customers. 18/8/14
Nice to see rain in Sydney. Are we harvesting the run off for the inevitable droughts? Hope it goes further west where it is really needed. 18/8/14
Another aussie example of failure as a stepping stone to business success. Keep at it, success is only 1 call away. Click 16/8/14
The courage of some needs the obscurity of a football crowd or the cocoon of a car. True courage only needs maturity. 16/8/14
It's a big world made of individuals and business with different wants. Think wants, think different, think big. 16/8/14
Well designed Business Systems, the 3Ps of Policies, Processes, Procedures are the auto pilot of great companies. 15/8/14
Always problem solve. Create. There is an answer. Think, unshackle the chains of normality, talk about it, ask why not. There is the answer. 15/8/14
Clients, potential clients & referrals. Database, CRM, imperative to business. Build connections, relationship, trust & build your business. 15/8/14
Businesses. Be creative, an innovator, a problem solver. The opportunities are endless. Seek a fresh set of eyes. 14/8/14
Square pegs in round holes? Enthusiasm, training and persistence will round off any square. 14/8/14
Think it is real. Work at it as true. Patience is the deal. This is all you. 13/8/14
Each day is new. Learn each day. Each day leads to the new. 13/8/14
Set the plan and be disciplined to follow it. Timely execution is key. 13/8/14
A debtors list is the rearview mirror of a business. An active sales database are the headlights. Your vehicle must have headlights. 13/8/14
Poor harvest is not always a poor orchard. Failed project is not a failed business. Before you uproot the orchard understand the details. 12/8/14
The 3Ps, key to a successful enduring business & work-life balance. The alternative is chaos & many long hours. Click 12/8/14
Seek advise, external support but seek wisely. Big brands typically relay confidence and trust but not always. Click 12/8/14
Develop your plan, tweak if you must and diligently action each step. Little to no action is when dreams become regrets. 11/8/14
Visual your next goal as done, act it as done.You don't doubt your every move so why should you doubt the next new move? 11/8/14
Never stop learning.Try a fresh view, people outside your space, another set of experiences & ask "why?" Be comfortable to be uncomfortable. 11/8/14
Sparkling Sydney. Open windows, doors. Switch off heaters. Let warmer, fresh air in. Simply, effective, energy efficient, a climate friend. 9/8/14
Search for the good things not done. Do those and good will search you. 9/8/14
Dreams lead to goals lead to plans lead to projects lead to teams lead to actions lead to getting there. Lead is the link. 9/8/14
As a child we ask many questions. As an adult we think we know all the answers. Bring back the child and help innovate. 9/8/14
Always look for partnering. 2 different business will sell to same client. Genuine referral & openness is a big boost to client & business. 8/8/14
Overworked CEOs, senior managers mocks the work-life balance idea. Future of their business is at risk. What to do? Click 8/8/14
Solar, wind are helping boost the supply side. Efficiency, prudent use are helping curb demand. Good news for climate Click 8/8/14
Labour take bribes, Liberal take bribes, The church? Lock your children away. Leaders? True leaders lead by example. Click 8/8/14
Good policies, processes and procedures. The traction between objectives and implementation. Without them, the business has no control. 7/8/14
"What doesn't kill you will make you stronger". Thanks for the workout and free! 7/8/14
Simple & genuine "feel good" acts are the best gift. This key principle is good business but also good life conduct. Click 7/8/14
In July, Sth Aust sourced 40% of its electricity needs from Wind Power. Now talk of the RET revised down? Wrong!!! Click 6/8/14
Every problem has a solution. This is not an opinion. Its a fact. Find it. 6/8/14
A potential customer requires many contacts before they turn into actual. Respectful persistence, patience and resilience. 6/8/14
RET 20% by 2020. Electricity. $54/yr extra until 2020, then fall. Why wait? Wind, Solar + others, a big green kiss. Click 6/8/14
Racial slurs serve no purpose, except offend. Freedom of speech? For some, an excuse to take their racism for a walk. Click 6/8/14
Just saw documentary Planet Ocean, made 2012. A sobering reminder. Our natural resources are limited. Sustainability needs to be central. 5/8/14
Brand building. Look at all opportunities. The simply low cost initiatives, could be the biggest bang for buck. Click 5/8/14
Quick thinker or knee jerker? Sometimes they are the same person. Thought process and communication helps you identify the difference. 5/8/14
Most businesses have great years. Leaders ensure good policy & processes to secure the future. Others ensure complacency to secure the past. 5/8/14
Courage is standing your ground on what you believe in and to give ground to move forward as a team for the greater good. 5/8/14
Leaders. Pretenders respect you in good (profit) times. Genuine do it in good times and bad. A day has light and dark and follows another. 5/8/14
WW1. 100 years on. 60000 Aussies, most late teens, early 20s. 1 in 5 did not return. Lets never forget what war does. Click 5/8/14
Thousands of bricks make a home, laid 1 brick at a time. Dream, plan and execute, step by step. Don't give up, your dream will get a home. 4/8/14
Quickly identify the good employees and be quick to go the extra mile. It will be repaid many times over. Rediscover loyalty and respect. 4/8/14
An unexamined life is not worth living-Socrates. Similarly in business, examine in detail, look for opportunities-they are there. 4/8/14
Point 1. Important for business to record, promote their successes via well written case studies - NLogic will help. Click 4/8/14
A great tool of leaders is speech - underappreciated skill in Oz. Be aware, focus and trust your delivery. Click 4/8/14
Solar does it cleanly, efficiently. Oz gov is set to reduce support for renewables.Short term gain for long term pain. Click 3/8/14
The hidden, obvious killer of Sydney - particulate pollution. Another big tick for renewables, energy efficiency. Click 3/8/14
Mid winter, mid morning, heaters on, you hear, "shame the bathroom is in the sunniest spot" . Poor planning, poor use of free energy. 2/8/14
At QVB, always fresh and comfortable. Look up and see open vents. Simple, energy efficient and innovative way to be comfortable. Magic! 2/8/14
Lessons for Business leaders. Consult widely, get buy-in, decide, communicate and action. Do not emulate politicians. Click 2/8/14
Brilliant products happen when good design meets great management. Without the latter, they are slow moving stock. 1/8/14
3rd point is important. HR, recruiters need to understand the business and the role before claiming to value add. Click 1/8/14
A well thought out plan requires the respect of doing it. Yes, rethink & tweak & ride the lows but keep doing. Never stop believing. 1/8/14
Could it be that pride gets in the way to seeking help? The view "I can handle this...." Click 1/8/14
Another "old is new again". Banks now big on personal service-you get mobbed as you come in through the door. We may give up banking online. 1/8/14
The trap of doing the "what" and "how". Stop and ask the "why" and "why not" - the sweetest fruits are found here . Click 1/8/14
Concentrate, focus, listen. When it starts to hurt, you know the pleasure of winning. 31/7/14
Many times, the manager's workload is massive. Some managers plough on and hope it gets done. Successful managers seek help and get it done. 31/7/14
Age wrinkles the body, quitting wrinkles the soul - Douglas MacArthur. 31/7/14
Is this why some people find it hard to sore like an eagle. And we kept blaming it on the poor turkey. Click 31/7/14
Glorious Sydney at 25 C in mid winter. Simple effective energy efficiency - open windows, let nature warm your space. Click 31/7/14
Majestic, clean, silent, friendly and forever. Some of the words that come to mind. Click 30/7/14
Do leaders and managers wear "masks"? Does the suit and tie switch it on? Is this good or bad? Genuine parts are worth more. 30/7/14
Business needs thinking & leadership qualities of women - they're circa 50% of the economy. The Ideal=1 parent carer until age 10. Click 30/7/14
Complexity & Fearsome are many small & simple building blocks waiting for Thinker and Methodical, both cloaked in patience. 29/7/14
Experience, knowledge, skills, the wins & attached feelings can be easily forgotten. Gut feeling is the auto reminder. Don't turn it off. 29/7/14
Observation. Waste packaging is multiplying - due to advertising, smaller portion size, convenience, contamination fears. But at what Cost? 29/7/14
We all know this but very few heed the message. Why? Points 1 to 7. Click 29/7/14
​Limitless innovation is a fact. Unshackle the mind, let it run free - like the humble sweet, unlimited taste sensations are yet to be found. 29/7/14
Not surprised to find business champions as very flawed. Integrity is key. Search for it amongst the noise. Click 28/7/14 
It takes courage and more courage to speak out! A great story - TED talk. Click 28/7/14
If environmentally OK, these developments are fine. But, Australia must have parallel development on renewables. Click 27/714
An old example of the business killer "app" - quality difference. Low $ not the live or die factor. Innovation is. Click 27/7/14
Unfortunately, "My friend the Axe Murderer" principle at work. Big wins, All sins forgiven. No wins, No sins forgiven. Click 27/7/14
Undo, untie, unwrap, dissemble, pull apart, flowchart the logic - in short, simplfy the most complex things & innovate improvements. 27/7/14
Attended the KPI seminar in Sydney yesterday. Great ideas, like minded people & 5 Ps - Pitch, Publicise, Product, Profile & Partnership. 27/7/14
A well thought out plan requires implementation. Yes, rethink & tweak, laugh & cry, sweat & rest but keep doing it. Don't stop believing. 26/7/14
The stance between a climate change skeptic & believer seem oceans apart-in reality, only a stream. Understanding is the sustainable bridge. 26/7/14
When naysayers, critics & pessimists promote their untested rationale, stubbornness becomes your virtue. Believe your plan. Don't let go !! 26/7/14
Manners is one of those key attributes of great people. Yet, like Integrity, it seems to be a rare commodity. 26/7/14
Good service: Smile and answer the customer's questions. Great service: Smile & let the customer answer your questions.25/7/14
Good training is standardised & repeated to many. Great training has the specific individuals and the specific subject at its core. Magic ! 25/7/14
Self promotion is good if it replicates the individual or business. Otherwise, its a lie. Great ships need deep water. 25/7/14
6 attributes of Great Businesses. Add a 7th - adding sustainable value to society & environment, now and the future. Click 24/7/14
Great businesses have good processes & interim management plans for parental leave. Skill, experience is priceless. Click 24/7/14
Be clear on what is the purpose of your business. 1 simple & concise sentence. Memorise. 24/7/14
All show, little mind is no go. Good mind, little show is a great find. Humility and good thinking make good leaders. 23/7/14
Reminded today re courage, ingenuity, work ethic & resilience against naysayers migrants demostrate when settling in new lands. Leadership! 23/7/14
Don't let work define you, do what you enjoy and do good. At some point, the dots align. 22/7/14
Its easy to find faults-anyone can. Leaders front up to problems, see them as challenges & know there is a solution-always. Bring them on! 22/7/14
On average, potential customers will buy on the 4th contact. On average, 3 rejections before a win. Then great service begins. 22/7/14
2013 was the hottest year on record. Oz gov cuts back on green initiatives. Business needs to take up the leadership. 22/7/14
Leadership is an acquired skill - do not be convinced otherwise. Styles may differ but principles remain the same. 22/7/14
Have productive gains resulted in poor customer service? Messages take longer to be returned. We're on hold longer. Service is the big USP. 21/7/14
Any business aspiring for long term success must have a well thought out & fluid business plan. Basic fact ? - yes ! - but few take it up. 21/7/14
A 100% focus on the business's core activity is the manager's friend. Complacency & absence of an outsider's view point is the enemy. 20/7/14
We waste plenty food due to "Use by Date" prompts. E.g. Tomatoes had a Use by Date of 3/7/14 - perfect condition 20/7/14. 20/7/14
"With time & patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown" - Chinese Proverb. If you believe in what you do, patient persistence pays. 20/7/14
Management is a balancing act. Understand the real world & seek perfection. The skill is to get the right balance. 20/7/14
Old is new again. Our forebears were energy efficient & recycled to save for the future. We need them to save our future. 20/7/14
Rent versus mortgage? Mortgage forces a goal. Rent u must create goals & be disciplined. That is the real difference. 20/7/14
A clear easily communicated focus is a must for any business to be great. Many are caught in the "shotgun" approach. Click 20/7/14
Recruit, mentor, respect - the skills most managers hate & avoid - yet the most critical & rewarding for any business. 19/7/14
Think about the topic then write. Trust yourself. Don't stop to edit, check spelling or grammar - that happens last. You have a masterpiece! 19/7/14
​Good employees are the foundations of great companies. An excellent recruitment process is all important. Click 17/7/14
World not impressed with Oz. We should be leaders in renewables & energy efficiency. Good climate, plenty sun & wind. Click 17/7/14
Managers fail because they fail to seek help. Good business leaders surround themselves with good help. Considered outsourcing is a key tool. 16/7/14
ANU finds 1.3 - 2.3% fall in energy use due to carbon tax. Now gone. Leaders-build value. Adopt energy efficiency. Click 16/714
Most training is generic and adds little value. Greatest impact is when training is customised to suit the industry, function and individuals. 16/7/14
Minimise the risk of wasted time and damage to your business - use a thorough process and recruit wisely. Good employees are key ingredient. 16/7/14
Develop a plan, believe in it, communicate, get the team on board and stick with it but have the courage to adjust as required. 16/7/14
Dear manager, the benefit of good employees are only truly known when they are gone. Learn to identify and hold on tight. 15/7/14
Cities need efficient, accessible public transport. A huge waste of energy (& time) 24/7 with cars idling in traffic. Click 15/7/14
A successful business is predicated on simple but consistently applied actions. Complexity is simplicity not sought. Click 15/7/14
I'm astounded how our political leaders act - the antithesis of a leader - yet they keep coming into power. Why? 15/7/14
Good reference for Business Plans. A good mentor or sounding board is a must when preparing and implementing your plan. Click 15/7/14
The successful manager goes on a long holiday and the business works well. If you manage a successful business, you can manage a holiday for 1. 14/7/14
Businesses especially the captains need to support the science and show leadership on renewables and energy efficiency. Click 14/7/14
Well done Germany - World Champions. Organisation, skill, consistency & succession planning made the difference. Parallels to good business. 14/7/14
Recruit wisely-the questions asked, answers given, chemistry - all key.Charm & lack of detail did the damage here. Click 12/7/14
A road trip around europe means you never lose sight of wind farms - majestic & renewable. Hello Australia? Click 12/7/14
I made 3 calls for a service: 1 didn't return my call, 1 did 48 hrs later after a reminder & 1 returned call in 5 mins. Who got the job? 11/7/14
A potential client that says no today may need you tomorrow. Persevere and be prepared - the most difficult to obtain fruit is the sweetest. 11/7/14