Interim Management
From time to time, many businesses experience a shortage of experienced senior management. This could be because of an illness, extended leave or sudden departure of the current manager. There may also be a requirement for an overseas or interstate based organisation which requires immediate local Australian assistance to manage its subsidiary/branch or to represent its product to the Australian/NZ and Oceania markets. The absence of suitable and trustworthy local management can have a major de-stabilizing effect on the business and potentially cause it to have a long lasting negative impact on its revenue, profits and market presence. NLogic has the diverse local management experience, technical qualifications, intimate hands-on knowledge of roles and responsibilities of Australian organisations and Australasian market knowledge to provide a quality Interim Management service. We undertake a holistic "whole-of-business" approach to understand the detail of the entire business to provide a well thought out custom fit solution. And we will work with you and your team to make it happen. The following is a list of some of the Interim Management services and solutions offered under this segment.
Interim Management of Australian Business
Applicable for local, interstate or overseas based companies where there is a shortfall of senior management resources to undertake an important function within the Australian business. This shortfall may be due to illness, holiday leave, attending a full time course, a lengthy overseas business trip, a sudden departure or an unexpected increase in management workload. NLogic will provide experienced and trustworthy management assistance on a part-time or full-time basis and for short or long term periods as the circumstances may require. Typical examples of this service includes:
► General Management or Director responsibility
► Divisional Management responsibility
► Specific function or project responsibility
► Review, Evaluate & Report on the overall business
► Expansion of business interstate or thoughout Oceania

Interim Management of Australian Clients & Products
Mainly applicable for overseas based (but also interstate) companies which require local assistance to manage their relationship with Australian clients. This may come about because the overseas based company does not have nor have a need for a permanent local distributor; it cannot immediately react and if it could, it would take time and be costly; and it does not have a full appreciation and understanding of the local environment, business culture and market conditions. It's also important to note that NLogic's local Australian representation means that there is an experienced and qualified local company the client can directly contact in its own time zone. Australian companies are continually frustrated when they are forced to deal directly with an overseas based organisation - NLogic provides the Australian "bridge" and has the local Australian experience and knowledge to offer a quality management service. This service would include:
► Australian "bridge" or interface between the overseas based company and the Australian client
► Product presentations & discussions to potential Australian client(s)
► Regular PR & handling of all enquiries re products & tenders
► Assist with tender preparation, submission & presentation and on-going negotiations
► Organise meetings and other events between potential client and overseas company representatives
► Handle local product support issues such as spare parts, warranty issues, etc
► Start up Australian subsidiary and/or research & appoint full time Australian distributor