Business Management
NLogic provides quality management services in Business Management to help improve businesses. NLogic's diverse industry experience and professional qualifications, intimate hands-on knowledge of the roles and responsibilities within organisations and it's innovative processes and methods integrate to provide value added solutions and improve the business. We undertake a holistic "whole-of-business" approach to understand the detail of the entire business to provide a well thought out custom fit solution. And we will work with you and your team to make it happen. The following is a list of some of the quality services and solutions offered under this segment.
Business Planning
Short & Long Term Business Plans
SWOT Analysis
Strategies & Action Plans
Budgets & Forecasts
Succession Planning
Risk Management
Business/Division Start Up
Strategy & Action Plan Development
Product Development 
New Markets
Supply Chain
Service & Parts 
Organisational Improvements
Change Management
Roles & Responsibilities
Reporting Lines
Productivity Gain Opportunities
Divisional P & Ls
Streamline Back Office Support
Market & Product Review
Market Analysis
Competitor Analysis
New Opportunities - Products
New Opportunities - Services
New Opportunities - Markets
COGS Analysis
Business Development Improvements
Budget & Forecasting - at every level
Sales & Marketing Strategies & Techniques
Capture & Monitoring Opportunities
Tender Preparation
Customised Training & Coaching
Interim Management
Local Business
Local Distributor
Local Clients
Product Representation
Specific Management Role
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Policies, Processes & Procedures
Business Manuals
Operations Manuals
Workshop Manuals
Health & Safety