Business Management
NLogic provides quality management services in Business Management to help improve businesses. NLogic's diverse industry experience and qualifications, intimate hands-on knowledge of the roles and responsibilities within organisations and it's innovative processes and methods integrate to provide value added solutions and improve the business. We undertake a holistic "whole-of-business" approach to understand the detail of the entire business to provide a well thought out custom fit solution. And we will work with you and your team to make it happen. The following list some of the quality professional services and solutions offered under this segment.
Business Planning
Short & Long Term Business Plans
SWOT Analysis
Strategies & Action Plans
Budgets & Forecasts
Succession Planning
Risk Management
Business/Division Start Up
Strategy & Action Plan Development
Product Development 
New Markets
Supply Chain
Service & Parts 
Organisational Structure
Change Management
Roles & Responsibilities
Reporting Lines
Productivity Gain Opportunities
Divisional P & Ls
Streamline Back Office Support
Market & Product Review
Market Analysis
Competitor Analysis
New Opportunities - Products
New Opportunities - Services
New Opportunities - Markets
COGS Analysis
Sales Management
Budget & Forecasting - at every level
Sales Strategies & Techniques
Capture & Monitoring Opportunities
Tender Preparation
Customised Training & Coaching
Interim Management
Local Business
Local Distributor
Local Clients
Product Representation
Specific Management Role
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Policies, Processes & Procedures
Business Manuals
Operations Manuals
Workshop Manuals
Work Health & Safety